Does Klean Kitchen offer meal plans or subscriptions?
-No. Why? Everyones lifestyle is different. Some people order meals for lunches for the office… others order three meals a day… some people like spaghetti squash… some people don’t.. etc.  The idea is to only order what you enjoy and what plan to eat for that week. No need to worry about getting those 28 meals accidentally delivered when you’re going on vacation to Tahiti for the next 10 days. We all have too many subscriptions as it is… between the Netflix and the XM radio you keep forgetting to cancel, we don’t need to add another.

Are the plastic containers recyclable?
-Yes and no..  The containers themselves are no. 5 polypropylene, which is a recyclable material, however most of the curbside recycling programs in the valley will not accept them. In fact, a lot of items that we put in those blue bins aren’t actually being recycled. (Like cereal boxes. They don’t take those anymore!) Recycling is expensive and unfortunately cities are having to cut costs. Check with your city to see what items are accepted as recyclables and which items are trash.

Should the meals be stored in the fridge or the freezer?
-Upon receiving your delivery, the meals should be stored in a fridge that is kept below 40 degrees per FDA safely regulations. The food at Klean Kitchen is designed to be kept fresh in the refrigerator and not frozen. 

I'm not going to be home to accept my delivery! What on earth do I do!?
-The orders are temperature controlled while in transit to your address. We do not include disposable coolers or ice packs, therefore the orders must be handed directly to the recipient. We don’t want your order sitting outside in the Arizona sunshine for any length of time. If you aren’t going to be home during the delivery window just let us know and we can work something out. We just want to get your meals in the refrigerator so perhaps consider leaving us a garage code or a house key under the mat if you’re not going to be available.